Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roof & AC Update.

We finally got a chance to clean up some of the sand and debris laying around the interior. As you can see from this picture in the rain, the back AC still leaks, we put some canned-foam on the front AC, and that didn't leak at all. We will have to do the back as well. We are very slowly making progress however.

When we went up there to foam the roof we found a paint bubble, it didn't adhere properly. We were going up there to check the roof after the final coat of paint for this very reason. It turned out that the scrap panel we used to patch this part of the roof was flaking. We thought the acid and primer would stop any further rusting and that it would be fine, we were wrong. While it is only bad in a few places Jeff is sanding the entire panel to ensure we don't have an issue with this again. We have time to get the roof just right, we still have to replace all the windows with the RV windows we got.

Earlier this week we also got basement AC's it was quite a long trip, but we hope it will turn out to be worth it. We don't want roof AC's for several reasons and we hope that this split AC system will be what we need. Installation is going to be quite a bit off. We are keeping the roof AC's in for now for when we need to do work on the inside.

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