Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nearly done with the patched roof.

First I would like to say its obvious we are not professionals at doing this, still we are striving to do a good job. With that in mind we cut out all the rust, and then used the patch panels that were tarred on the roof to repair it. Because a picture is worth a thousand words and I happen to have several pictures to show, I'm just going to get started.

As you can see there are several layers of tar and metal. This made it quite fun.

 Not that tar in itself is bad on this kind of roof, its just that it doesn't water proof anything, and holds in moisture to allow more things to rust. It also makes everything really fun to remove when you have to fix it.

 Most of the holes here are factory holes, they are to be expected, but they were made much worse with rust, and the failed repair allowed more rust to form leading to an even bigger repair job.

 Note to self, trying to roller on paint stripper, while it works doesn't work very well.

 This is really just to show you that it was constantly raining or threatening to rain. This is rainy season, probably the worst time to repair a roof. We didn't know it was going to be this much work until after we started removing some of the patch panels. From inside the bus it looked like we only needed to patch a few places, and not sections of the roof.
 Finally we have time we can lay down the patch panels. This is the biggest hole so we used the three biggest panels. What you don't see is that the under side is prepped and primed. We would have prepped the top side but being as the entire roof needs to be done anyway we decided to do it all at once.
 Finally trimmed up the panels and finished welding them down. May not be the prettiest weld but I'm not worried about falling through the roof with the tarp on it anymore.
 This is an example of my welding, not the best but seeing as this project is the first time I've used a SMAW welder, and that the only other time I welded it was in a nice air-conditioned place with a commercial TIG welder, I don't think I'm doing that bad.

I'm not actually sunburned on my arms, its rust from metal flakes. It as much more red then it appears in this picture, I think it may be the angle.

We have much more to go, there are a few more panels in the back that need to be welded down, and a few more rust spots need to be cut out as well. Then we have to remove the rust, and prime everything.

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